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We're currently researching the following conventions and will add pages when information is solid:

Cosy Con - mystery authors at the Poisoned Pen.

Doctor Who convention at Centennial Hall, Mesa on 15 Mar 1987.

PseudoCon 1 on 2-3 Jul 1993.

Toy shows: Mary Anne's Toy Fest in Phoenix and The Tucson Collectible Toy Show in Tucson.

Conventions with materials held in the M. Horvat Collection of Science Fiction Convention Materials (lib.uiowa.edu) at the University of Iowa: Tricon Mesa (Mesa, 1977), Epilogcon I (Phoenix, 1975), Epiloguecon III (Tempe/Scottsdale, 1976) and Halfacon (Bisbee, 1978).

CopperCon, not the one we know and love but another one three years earlier in Bisbee in 1979, named for the Copper Queen Hotel in which it was held and run by Bruce Dane.

MicroCon, run by Patrick Connors in Tucson in 1985 (flyer).

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